My name is Hans-Peter Y. Qvist and I’m Assistant Professor in Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Aalborg University. I’m a member of the research group CASTOR.

I received my PhD in sociology from Aalborg University in 2018. My doctoral thesis concerned the causes and benefits of volunteering in Scandinavia and was supervised by Professor Lars Skov Henriksen and Professor Anders Holm. During my doctoral studies, I visited Professor Rene Bekkers at the Center for Philantropic Studies at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Prior to my doctoral studies, I worked as research assistant at the Center for Mobility Research at Aalborg University under the guidance of Professor Martin D. Munk.

My research revolves around causes and effects of active civic participation over time and in different contexts. I also adress questions related to immigration and intersectionality. In my research I combine analytical sociological theory and stringent empirical analysis of quantitative data. My research is published in high-ranked journals such as European Sociological Review, Acta Sociologica, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, and Journal of Civil Society.

For comments or queries : hpq@socsci.aau.dk. Thanks in advance!

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